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Company History

BeFit commenced in the suburb of Mitcham in Adelaide in 1963, trading under the name of 'Wilma Showrooms'. This company was the first in Australia to be involved with fitness and exercise equipment, starting initially with the belt massager, followed closely by the sauna. The company continued to grow rapidly with the hiring and selling of exercise equipment. It wasn't long before the company outgrew its initial location and moved to a much larger shop frontage in the same suburb.

The business grew by expanding its range of Fitness Equipment and by relocating to the Adelaide City. Not long after that, the company expanded its hiring operation by introducing agents to its business as a means to service customers who were not willing to travel to the city and preferred to deal locally.

In 1988 BeFit recognised the opportunity to expand into the Melbourne marketplace.

BeFit opened within weeks and quickly became the number one business to hire exercise equipment to metropolitan Melbourne.

Today BeFit have 7 agents in Melbourne covering the vast metropolitan area operated by local people providing home exercise equipment at low rates and with convenient service. In Adelaide, BeFit now has 5 retail outlets.

BeFit is a 100% owned and operated Australian company.


After 53 years it's time for BeFit stores to close. BeFit Hire will continue. The second generations owners who have been planning to retire for sometime feel now is the time to bow out. BeFit stores will continue opertaing until we are sold out of all product. Thanks for your custom over the years. All warranties and repairs will continue. please go to:

Bob and Richard Buzacott


Buzpar PL TA BeFit Hire Pty Ltd (ABN 61 611 787 823) | All transactions are processed in $AUD and include GST.

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