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BeFit Sell rowers with adjustable magnetic resistance, rowers with adjustable wind resistance, rowers that fold up for easy storage.

By buying a rower you can enjoy the benefits of burning up calories which will help you lose weight and improve cardio fitness, this will improve your general health and well being. rowers also tone the arms, legs and waistline. Rowers have low impact which means you can use a rower without impacting on your knee and ankle joints. A rower will exercises the bottom half and the top half of the body at the same time which maximizes the cardio workout. With regular use a rower will help you live longer, reduce illness, give you more energy and generally make you feel better.

  • Hire Buy a rower if you wish to try a rower out to see if you use it before buying one.
  • BeFit can deliver your rower if it will not fit into your car.
  • Befit can assemble your rower if you cannot.
  • BeFit also carry a range of Commercial rowers for sale.
  • Buying a rower allows you to exercise at home in safety, whenever you choose, dressed in what feels comfortable.
  • A rower is compact, takes up about the same space of other types of fitness equipment.
  • BeFit also carry a range of secondhand rowers , ex hire rowers , ex hire buy rowers and Demo rowers

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