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New Purchase

Our agents have a great selection of new fitness equipment available to purchase. Let your agent help you choose the right equipment for you and make the order process convenient and hassle-free. 

Casual Hire

Our casual hire option is the easiest and most cost effective way to get fitness equipment into your home. The equipment is already assembled and can be delivered.
To begin the process you will need a driver's licence and credit card for identification. A passport, proof of age card, or birth certificate can be used if a drivers licence is not available.

Equipment hire minimum is 4 weeks.


Hire with Option to Buy

This option allows you to try out the equipment before committing to purchasing it and is available on products showing “Hire/Buy 12 weeks”

This process begins with the customer paying the 12 week Hire/Buy rate to receive a brand new unit in the box. At the end of the Hire/Buy period they have the option to either purchase the unit by paying the remaining amount (starting price less the 12 week Hire/Buy rate they have paid), or alternatively they return it with no obligation to purchase. It costs no more to try the unit out first and then purchase it later.

Hire with option to Buy is available at our Adelaide and Melbourne locations.


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