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Warranty & Repair Information

BeFit Sales & Hire Pty Ltd have closed it’s retail business. All warranty, repairs and spare parts for items purchased prior to the 25th September 2016 will be serviced by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. BeFit Sales & Hire Pty Ltd are unable to repair or service equipment NOT purchased through BeFit Sales & Hire Pty Ltd Stores due to problems sourcing parts. Please use the form below for the following brands if purchased from Sales & Hire Pty Ltd stores -

  • Maxx Fitness
  • PowerFirst
  • DKN
  • Bounce treadmills
  • Circle Fitness


In Home Repairs are available within the Adelaide metropolitan area for a small prepaid service charge of $95 to cover the cost of a technician calling to your home. This charge includes the first 15 mins of repair time then additional labour charges are at $22 per 15 minutes plus cost of parts

Items for Repair maybe dropped off at our Clarence Gardens Workshop by appointment only

Note: If you are unable to provide a Sales receipt, out of warranty charges will apply, NO EXCEPTIONS.

All Repairs or Spare Parts : Fill in service form below and expect to be contacted within 3 working days


Items listed on the invoice (that include warranty details directly below the item description) are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship from
the date of delivery / purchase providing any product limitations as outlined in the instruction manual with respect to maximum weight limits and frequency of use of
unit along with any other specifications including service and maintenance required by purchaser are adhered to or warranty may be void.

Throughout the Warranty period we shall cheerfully and without charge, repair or furnish replacement for any part or parts which we acknowledge to be defective in accord- ance with standard business practices.

This Warranty is for the sole benefit of the Original Purchaser / User. No further or other Warranty expressed or implied in connection with the Unit is given and our
sole liability under this Warranty consists in repairing or supplying replacement parts as aforesaid. We shall not be responsible for any indirect consequential or other damages arising in any matter whatsoever.

This Warranty does not cover damage resulting from incorrect assembly. Warranty is void if product is subject to accident, misuse, abuse, improper or lack of service/maintenance or modification, or elements such as moisture, salt and other environmental factors, and if the product has not been stored and used in an enclosed INDOOR area.

Buzpar PL TA BeFit Hire Pty Ltd (ABN 61 611 787 823) | All transactions are processed in $AUD and include GST.

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